Polar Bear Wool/Cotton Shirt

Polar Bear Wool/Cotton Shirt

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Blue Polar Bear Wool Blend Top

Wool and cotton blend long underwear top is sure to keep your little one warm and dry. Thin enough to layer, yet super soft for sensitive skin. Wool on the outside, cotton on the inside for added comfort. There is nothing scratchy or itchy about this wool, it is simply the best!

Smafolk's wool mix shirt is made from fantastic natural materials, with the ability to help regulate body temperature. Wool insulates against cold and keeps the body warm, even when the body becomes moist.  Wool also has self-cleaning properties, reducing how many washes it needs.  The wool has been easy-care treated so that it can be washed in an ordinary washing machine. This wool is designed to be used year round, day and night. The wool is 100% mulesing free, and is processed and cared for by Oeko-tex standard 100. Småfolk recommends washing your wool items with detergent designed specifically for wool.

Pair with matching winter blue polar bear wool blend pants -- a fantastic base layer for cold temps!


Machine washable. 100% Mulesing-Free. Oeko-Tex Designed in Denmark. Made in China



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