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Lily Huckleberry Book

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Lily Huckleberry's Scandinavian Adventure

The first book of a new adventure series for kids! In a village where the flowers grow as big as trees, lives a brave little girl named Lily Huckleberry. As a member of the Worldwide Adventure Society, Lily has a magic globe that takes her on whimsical adventures around the world. In this first book of the series, Lily goes to Scandinavia for a Midsummer party, where she finds herself ker-splat in the middle of a strawberry mystery.

As Lily travels around Scandinavia to save Midsummer, she meets a menagerie of friends, explores Nordic culture, and discovers the thrill of being brave enough to take big risks.

"The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandina- via” is the first book of a travel series for kids that aims to:

1) show kids the beauty + diversity of this world

2) give them a brave female role model to look up to 3) develop children’s imagination + creativity

4) create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure


- 96 pages
- 7x10 inches (perfect for little hands)
- beautiful, timeless cover with gold foil & linen binding.
- includes a map of Scandinavia + fun facts + a glossary so kids can learn about new cultures.
- Printed in Canada, FSC-certified, using chlorine-free paper made with 30% post-consumer waste. It uses only vegetable and soy-based inks.

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